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When you run a business or company, you will find yourself facing business insurance claims eventually, no matter what industry you work in or how many people you hire, risks are everywhere, it can be the medical condition of the people you hire or maybe your daily operations. Every business comes with its risks.

Maybe you are very careful with your actions and decisions, but at some point, you can make mistakes. Or maybe you didn’t make any mistakes, maybe one of your employees got injured and need medical attention, this is where you will need Business Insurance. It protects you against any kind of risky situation.

We are from GoRings Accountants ready to help you with your business insurance claims due to COVID 19. We will analyze your business and help you to file a business interruption insurance claims process.

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    What is Business Insurance?

    Business Insurance protects you against daily risks that may occur from running a business or company. It helps a business or company to protect its property, financial assets, and other things that can cause huge financial losses. Business Insurance also protects you from unexpected events and risks that can affect the financial situation of a company or business. It provides services that work as a shield for your business or company against multiple threats.

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    Types of Business Insurance:

    There are numerous Business Insurance available in the market for business and company owners. But few insurances you must get as a business owner by the law like “Employers’ Liability”. Also, other Business Insurances protect your business from other threats.

    Here is a list of Business Insurances that you can get:

    1. Employers’ liability insurance
    2. Public liability insurance
    3. Professional indemnity insurance

    Business buildings insurance

    1. Business contents insurance
    2. Business Stock insurance

    Business Product liability insurance

    1. Business Personal accident insurance
    2. Business interruption insurance due to COVID 19

    Business legal protection insurance

    There are other Business Insurances available as well. Getting suitable insurances for your business or company can be confusing. You will have to carefully analyze your business to find the best Insurances. We recommend you get a professional for these tasks.

    Benefits of Business Insurance:

    Business Insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage against any kind of situations like natural disasters, theft, income loss, sickness of employees, or any kind of risky situations. Getting the right insurance is beneficial for any business or company.

    Here is a list of benefits from Business Insurance:

    Lawsuit Cover

    Third-party Liability

    Risk management

    Copyright security

    Property damage



    Income loss

    Employee sickness and injury

    What is Business Insurance Claim?

    Business Insurance Claim is a notice that tells an insurance company that you are suffering a loss that you believe you are entitled to. Once you send the notice they will investigate your financial situation and decide whether you are eligible for the claim or not. If you meet all the terms and policies of the insurance company, you will get your claim.

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    Types of Business Insurance Claim:


    Property damage


    Business Interruption

    Sickness and injuries

    How to File a Business Insurance Claim?

    Business Insurance Claim is a complicated task to do. We highly recommend you to get a professional to deal with this task. Violation of any terms and policies from the insurance company will terminate the chances of getting any claim.

    You will have to provide all the necessary details of the incident like,

    What happened?

    Who was responsible?

    Any injuries?

    Any property damage?

    The total amount of damage?
    Due to Covid-19?

    It depends on the incident that whether you have to take any additional steps or not, such as a police report if it is a case of theft or a medical statement if it is a case of injury or Covid-19.

    Business Interruption Insurance:

    Business Interruption Insurance is an insurance that covers a company from income loss by disasters. It can be fire damage or a natural disaster. Business Interruption Insurance is not sold separately by insurance companies. It is either included in Property Policy or included in a comprehensive package policy as an add on.

    Benefits of Business Interruption Insurance:

    It covers the income loss in fire damage or a natural disaster

    In rare cases, it can be applied when a civil authority shuts down a business during physical damage.

    Some business interruption insurances cover damages against viruses and bacteria

    It also covers payroll, taxes, loan payments, operating expenses, and a move to a temporary location if needed

    How to Claim Business Interruption Insurance?

    Business Interruption Insurance provides a business or company coverage from income loss during any natural disaster or any physical events. Claims which are very well structured, documented, and have reasonable support, will have the best chances for claiming their Business Interruption Insurance. As a result, they will get a higher valued settlement.

    Here is the list of things that a company should prepare for their Business Interruption claims:

    Calculate the business loss

    Develop an action plan

    Develop and Execute a Loss Mitigation Plan

    Collect and Maintain Supporting Documentation

    Identify Extra the Expenses

    To maximize business recovery on time, business and company owners should make an effective plan or even get help from the outside if needed.

    How we help our clients to claim their Business Insurance in the UK:

    There are lots of banks and companies that provide Business Insurance in the UK. Choosing the right one is difficult for anyone. We provide guidance and help to choose the perfect business insurance for our clients. We help them manage their insurance claims and we make sure they understand all the policies of an insurance company.

    We will help you claim your insurance when the time comes and we will make sure your business recovers on time. Our professionals are skilled and experienced in every aspect of Business Insurance Claims.

    Need a professional to file a business interruption insurance claim  just complete the quick contact form below or call us or email us at contact@goringsaccountants.co.uk

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