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UK Businesses small or large submitting monthly or quarterly VAT returns are required to pay VAT due 1 month and 7 days following the end of the end of the VAT period. However, if the business registered for paying by direct debit, payments are usually taken 3 days after VAT return deadline. As a company in UK, you’re required to submit a VAT return monthly or quarterly to HMRC every three months using online or through other channels, recording important information such as your company’s total revenue, the VAT it’s owed and the value of its VAT refund. UK VAT is a tax which is charged on various goods and services in the UK. VAT registered businesses must complete and submit VAT returns to HMRC.

>Advice on VAT planning and administration accountant near you
>Completion of VAT returns
>Advice on VAT registration
>Advice on the best VAT scheme for your business


VAT Returns Services Online - Know Deadline

Why us for VAT Return Services in London?

Our VAT Return (Monthly or Quarterly) services allows you to focus on the day to day running of your business by outsourcing VAT returns task to us, without the worry of filing your VAT Return. We can help you minimise VAT problems with HMRC and save money for your business by ensuring you pay the right VAT amount and do not miss any VAT payments deadlines when we submit your HMRC VAT return.

Contact us accountant near you if you want to file your VAT returns or refund.

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Online VAT Returns

Self Employed or Ltd Company VAT Return Services

From April 2019, small or large business registered for VAT above the threshold of £85,000 will have to keep digital records and submit online VAT returns to (HM Revenue & Customs) HMRC. As VAT Returns need to be submitted online, businesses in UK will need a software services that accommodates HMRC’s (technical APIs). In order to need keep VAT records online you need to

>Keep VAT records online
>Store records digitally
>Create or file your business VAT return from these online records
>Voluntarily provide VAT data to HMRC
>Receive updates from HMRC via technical API services

Our accountants provide full support with HMRC for VAT return, including VAT registration, VAT filing, answering your queries, and VAT refund or returns problems. Our accountants also provide you full reports of any liabilities quickly and efficiently allowing you to plan your business decisions. We can also help you in monthly Bookkeeping Services and keep a running balance of your VAT liabilities, so you receive no quarterly surprises on your VAT Return.

Need a HMRC VAT Return or Refund specialist accountant in London and one who works from home using online services. We can help you with that. Please call us at 07311 435402 or email us at [email protected] Do you need an expert VAT return service? We will help you choose the best VAT scheme.

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VAT Returns or Refund FAQs

What if you doesn't pay VAT?

HMRC will consider your business to have defaulted. Your account will go into arrears.

What if you have VAT arrears?

HMRC will follows up for arrears also will act upon pending accounts through courts.

What happens if you haven't paid VAT?

Speak to HMRC for extra time to pay VAT bill. Protect your company and their creditors. If you are facing the VAT issue please call us.

Process to pay VAT arrears?

Pay your business VAT arrears, if you received distraint letter from HMRC. If you are facing the VAT issue please call us.
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