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VAT is Value Added Tax, which consumers pay to Govt. However, vendors collect VAT and pay in the form of VAT returns. Complying with VAT return or HMRC VAT can be complex to small businesses, startups, or large companies. Most merchants sign up for VAT return service. Businesses may get confused with TAX returns and VAT.
GoRings Accountants is one of the best VAT return and HMRC VAT consultants in the UK. The company has offices in London, Hounslow, Ealing, Park Royal, Southall, Harrow, Staines, Feltham, and Brentford. GoRings can assist your VAT return services according to your needs throughout the UK. The company has a pool of top talent accountants and VAT specialists supported by advanced technology cloud software.

Basics of VAT Return – for Businesses, Charities, Real Estate, and Consumers
What is VAT?
VAT is an indirect tax collected by the sellers on behalf of the UK Govt., the HMRC VAT. VAT is a contraction for Value Added Tax, charged only on items purchased by people in the UK. The general VAT rate is 20% on most purchases in the UK. One-third of the total revenue of the Govt. comes from VAT. The sum payable to HMRC is usually calculated as the quantity of VAT due on sales subtracted from the amount of VAT reclaimable on procurements. However, there are certain situations when merchants may not file VAT claims.
There are strict rules and regulations around the HMRC VAT system and failing to comply could attract a lot of fines. Hence, experienced & profitable businesses always refer to expert VAT return service along with tax return consultants like GoRings Accountants in London.

What is the VAT Return Threshold and how this Affects Businesses?
A company needs to register for HMRC VAT if taxable revenue exceeds £85,000. This turnover threshold is calculated in a rolling twelve months period. This is a different process than a tax return.
Businesses need to stay vigilant to find out if they reach the threshold. Hence, most traders and merchants opt for a professional VAT returns specialist, GoRings Accountants VAT return services package.
How to Register for VAT Returns?
HMRC VAT applies to any business structure like companies, sole traders, or partnerships. There can be both voluntary and obligatory registration for VAT return whereas TAX return is mandatory for all businesses.
The process of getting the certificate of VAT could prove challenging for the business. The proprietor needs to deal with a lot of other revenue-generating tasks. Therefore, you can appoint a dedicated team for your TAX return and VAT registration or VAT returns. GoRings is the right firm for you to depend on for VAT return services.
What is a VAT Return for HMRC VAT?
VAT-listed merchants must report the quantity of tax yield and input tax to HMRC through the submission of a VAT return. GoRings Accountants offer a value for money deal for the quarterly VAT return service throughout the UK. GoRings Accountants also assist old and new businesses to comply with HMRC Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT effective from April 2019.

Does a Charity Need to Pay VAT?
Any company that earns revenue from sales-based transactions and exceeding the VAT threshold, need to register with HMRC VAT. Charities also need to comply with this rule.
GoRings Accountants premium VAT return services provider can also assist charities with VAT registration, quarterly VAT returns, and VAT refund matters along with tax return.

How HMRC VAT Applies to Properties?
Real estate-related transactions could cover all the VAT regimes—zero rates, standard rate, reduced rate, or exempt from VAT.
Property-related transactions are usually of large monetary value Therefore, landlords or home buyers should consult an expert like GoRings Accountants for VAT return service and tax return. The firm will be able to assess the transaction technically to save the beneficiary from unnecessary or overpayments of VAT.
What are the Consequences for Non-Compliance of VAT Returns?
VAT registration is a must for most merchants. Not being able to comply with such Govt. rule could attract monetary penalties and legal actions against the business. For late VAT return filings, there are mostly fees. The fees include non-paid VAT and certain interest on that. The more the filing delay the higher the interest grows. GoRings Accountants can assist you through an elaborate VAT return services plan.
When you need a professional VAT return accountant anywhere in the United Kingdom, simply complete the quick form below or call us. You may also email us at for a quick discussion with our experts.

Technical Knowhow of VAT—Dealing with HMRC VAT by Registered Entities
There are 3 HMRC VAT rate regimes prevailing in the UK. They are:
1. The standard 20% rate for most purchasable services and merchandise.
2. The reduced rate of 5% on special items like kid’s car seat, conversion of residential property, and home energy.
3. The zero rate for most eatables purchased from a vendor and child’s clothing.
GoRings Accountants can help in sorting all the slabs through VAT return services or Tax return.

How to Calculate the VAT for HMRC while Getting an Expert VAT Return Service Provider?
Calculation of VAT on purchases depends on the VAT regime of the transaction. There could be other HMRC VAT rules and regulations to it.
An expert firm like GoRings Accountants can assist businesses with the whole process through VAT return services. The company has top of a line cloud software solution to digitize your entire billing system according to VAT regimes.
What Items are Not within the VAT Regime?
The exemption and exception list is elaborate some merchants say that these are confusing. For example, food items come within the zero VAT range. However, hot foods are an exception.
GoRings Accountants VAT return services can automate your billing system according to the latest VAT rules. The firm can also handle quarterly VAT returns efficiently.

How to Reclaim VAT from HMRC?
Certain VAT amounts are claimable as a refund from HMRC. The refund process has many caveats, exemptions, and exceptions. Hence, businesses always emphasize getting professional VAT return service from an expert company like the GoRings Accountants in London for VAT returns and TAX returns.
How Soon a Business can get VAT Return Refund?
A business that is paying VAT to the HMRC may be eligible for a refund of a certain amount.
Companies can sign up for VAT return service with GoRings Accountants to efficiently claim VAT refunds.
Are there any VAT Returns Inspections from HMRC and how GoRings will Help Your Business?
HMRC audits business for VAT return compliance. They look for all records. Maintaining proper books about the trade is essential.
When you sign up for VAT return service from GoRings Accountants, you get full coverage depending on your business needs. All of your books will be maintained to comply with HMRC VAT.
Can HMRC audit Bank Accounts in Relation to VAT Return?
HMRC doesn’t need any approval from a tax tribunal for a VAT return-related audit. HMRC can audit bank accounts as well.
You can get the exclusive VAT return service from GoRings Accountants to keep yourself in compliance with HMRC VAT policies.

What is the Advantage of Opting into HMRC VAT?
Registering with HMRC VAT has its own perks. Businesses may claim a refund on VAT returns. When your trade is VAT registered, it becomes more credible for B2B services
To assess the scope of VAT registration, contact GoRings Accountants. The company will be able to provide a personalized VAT return service.
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GoRings Accountants as the Most Experienced VAT Return Service Provider in London
HMRC VAT system is very thorough. Often merchants say that they rely on experts to take care of the VAT returns. GoRings Accountants served many of these merchants and helped through VAT return services. Most of GoRings Accountants clients for VAT return service are long-term customers.
The firm has offices throughout the UK. The GoRings Accountants have dedicated teams for VAT return services. They also provide cloud software to automate your business-related VAT collection.
What People also Ask About HMRC VAT Return Service?

When you submit vat return, can you claim VAT against bank financial services charges?
Banks need to deduct input VAT on taxable financial services. Other VAT registered individuals are entitled to subtract the VAT charged by the banks on such services. However, you need to explore existing VAT deductibility rules.
GoRings Accountants can help your business in claiming VAT returns credit. Upon subscribing to the GoRings Accountants VAT return services package, you get substantial coverage in HMRC VAT matters.
How to claim a VAT refund on insurance premium when paying VAT bills?
Input VAT on insurance payments could be claimable subject to certain HMRC VAT rules compliance.
GoRings Accountants offer VAT return service to assist you with VAT refunds if permitted by existing law.

Is there any deferment on VAT return and an annual tax return?
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your business may be eligible to get a deferment on the VAT return.
For the best assessment of annual tax return and possible deferments on a VAT return, you can contact GoRings Accountants for VAT return services. The company offers services tailored to the merchant’s requirements.
For a quick and personalized quote of VAT return services call us or send an email to An expert will get back to you instantly.

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